I will start it with the question, what the first place do you think if we talk about Bali? Some of you probably answer Kuta, Canggu and of course Ubud. But in this moment I will talk about Ubud.

Ubud doesn’t make the best first impression for the some of visitor. They stayed in the centre of town for their first days. The centre is congested with traffic, tour groups, and souvenir shops. But in Ubud, you can find your peaceful moment for your holiday. They say Ubud is the soul of Bali, where its art, culture and traditions come alive in dreamy landscapes. Exactly,Ubud could be best place to celebrate your special day.


Here are 5 best things you can do in Ubud :


Rent The Scooter

Getting to Ubud as easy as hiring a private car or the best option is renting your own scooter. Because Bali is such a small island, it’s a convenient place to travel to no matter where you’re staying in Bali. Driving a scooter make you feel more enjoy the peaceful of Ubud.


The Holy Water Temple

If you come to Ubud the holy water temple is one of favorite things that you should visit. Tirta empul is the famous one. When you first enter you will given by sarong. Once you’re good to go you’ll get in the water and dunk yourself under each fountain to purify yourself. Each fountain represents a different blessing.


Yoga Class

As we know Ubud is the place full of peaceful. Thats why join the yoga class could be one of your activities that you could do in Ubud. The smell of the forest, the peaceful, sound od birds and the beautiful view of rice field make your feeling more relax.



Ubud has a lot of waterfall. If you come to Ubud, you must visit the waterfall here, it is amazing! Such as Tegenungan Waterfall, Kanto Lampo Waterfall and others.


Ubud Monkey Forest

Last but not least you should visit Ubud Monkey Forest. The forest itself is really beautiful and you’ll feel completely enveloped by the lush trees around you.

There's still a lot of activities you could do in Ubud. But thats my best 5 things. Hope you enjoy to read it. Thanks J